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SunRoof (Wind Noise)

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I read into the note that the noise is when closed. Most noise would come from the seal around the metal sunroof. It could be damaged or hard. Another possibility is it is not centered.

A new seal should be available from Mazda. Since you need to remove the headliner from the movable part to adjust or replace, I would start there...you might even try flipping the seal front to back.

The way the sunroof is made, the seal just stops the majority of water from coming past the sunroof. The leaks drop into a tray and drain out the drain tubes. Anytime you work on the sunroof, lube the cables and tracks and clean the drains.

PS I have the large photo of your grey coupe on the wall in fromt of me with the pictures other owners have sent (same picture as shown above)

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A second possibility is that the panel protrudes too high and is catching more wind than it should. There are 4 adjustment points that can be used to raise or lower the panel.

If you have a noisy problem when it is open then you are just going to have to live with it. The Reatta just does not have the design and build quality of a Mercedes which can bee eerily quiet with the sunroof open. Also saw a review about a Mercedes convertible that their complaint was of a whistling noise at 100 from the post at the top of the windshield. There was no buffeting or noise otherwise.

You have to drop the headliner to get to the adjustment points.

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