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I have also what I think is a 1931 Desoto deluxe hood ornament.

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All - I have what is believed to be a complete original 1931 Pontiac hood ornament. The Indians wings are totally solid and the detail is excellent. I sold my 1931 Pontiac parts but kept this. Now it’s time to let go..

first $350 plus shipping gets it.

Ron Hausmann p.e.

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All - i was told there were some high quality reproductions of this cast, so you guys get to judge if this is original or an old high quality repro. This one is bronze. I spent a few minutes on a buffer this morning to bring out details. See pictures and decide. There are no numbers on it.

Ron Hausmann 








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All -

    Book says originals were cast zinc (pot metal) so this one may be a very early high quality repro. Still gorgeous and great for use on a 1931 DeSoto when replated.

    Price reduced to $ 300

    Ron Hausmann 

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