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For sale: 1919 Maibohm

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Hello. It is located in northern CA.  It has just sat in a garage and is collecting dust. The engine is outside of the car and in parts. I am unsure of exact asking price as I just listed it today. I am interested in taking reasonable offers. The rarity of it is hard to price.  Thanks 

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  • courtney5555 changed the title to For sale: 1919 Maibohm

Looks very interesting! I would love it! However, I am not in the market at this time to buy anything. And one thing I do not need is another car to put together (I won't live long enough to put together the several projects I already have).


Rare does not usually add much to value, in fact, it often works the other way. Believe me, I have owned a few very rare cars, including an absolute one only ever built (I still have it!). People tend to like to gather with like interests and like cars. Unless a really rare car is somehow historically significant, like the biggest this or that ever built, or the first car ever to use some important feature? Maybe the car someone famous built a few years before he became famous? People generally prefer to tour with their buddies that also have a Pierce Arrow, or Stutz, Buick, or even model T Ford. Model T Fords, arguably the most common car of their era, generally sell for a bit more than most cars of similar size and condition from their era.

A car partially apart, and an engine in pieces? Will scare most buyers away these days. Especially on a car so rare that if ANYTHING for that engine is missing? It may be impossible to find a replacement.

Make sure you have all the parts you have gathered together so someone can see what is there. If possible, have all the engine parts laid out so they can be seen and inspected. At least then, you can give someone hope that it is all there, as long as nothing important is missing.

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