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I have enjoyed driving these wonderful automobiles for the past three years. I enjoy my coupe everyday and on trips. Leave the C230 sedan in the garage because the Reatta is more fun. My everyday car is the 3rd one I have owned(Select Sixty is not included) and the best of the three. It has 95xxx miles and is tight and solid. On Christmas Eve while as I crossed under a RR overpass I was pelted with rocks. The major damage was to the windshield. The kid took off down the tracks and at 43 I wasn't ready to run after him. Thus started my first part of the next learning curve. I called my agent and was advised I didn't carry anything for glass breakage or vandalism. That has been changed. Then I started the next leg to find a windshield. My first stop was here where there are SO many good things listed. I picked a subject on windshield and there saw the $$ amounts for the first time. I sent Mike an email about his used replacement windshield and then went to the web for the big search. I live in Dallas Texas and had NO luck finding the windshield. Guess because I didn't have a Insurance Company behind me.

I got a reply from Mike and we connected and I bought one from him.

We, Reatta owners, have someone who cares and enjoys this wonderful car. Mike & Randy were a pleasure to deal with and I have a new/used windshield.

When it comes to finding parts for our cars I see people like Mike and Randy as our positive source. These guys like the car like we do and they are not out to rip us off. These are my thoughts from what I have seen and experienced over the past couple years. I enjoy this discussion forum and all the knowledge I have gained.

Bruce Guthrie

90 Select Sixty

90 Gunmetal Gray Coupe

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