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Fresh Water pump rebuild current costs '27 Chry.

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Here is what I paid to Arthur Gould Rebuilders Co. to rebuild the water pump for the 1927 Chrysler 70.


Took just over a day over 2 weeks with the first week to get delivered USPS  priority mail to get 2 hours from me.


Called me after completion & payment and I had it the next day via UPS.


Nice clean job and painted a steel gray.

Only silly hick-up that freaked me out for several minutes was the adjustable pulley DIDN'T!

 It was now frozen and I couldn't budge it...WTF!........!


Then under brighter light I see they installed a short  "allen" type set screw deep in the locking screw hole to lock the pulley. Now I can breath!


They included a hand cut gasket..


I'm pleased 100% .


I will humbly admit being spoiled with home rebuilding Model A Ford water pumps ,thermosyphon cars and no bad water pumps other then repacking in 20 years..At first I gulped at the price though I knew it would bo less then $300.. I was fine with it in about 6 seconds after payment.😌





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Gould was the first place I sent the water pump for my Rickenbacker.

They took it apart and decided they couldn't repair it.  The shape of the impeller scared them.

The pump eventually ended up at the Flying Dutchman in Oregon and he did a great job on the pump.

I'd have to go back and look at the price but they charged much less than Gould had originally quoted me before they gave up.



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I would never fault any company for knowing their limitations( and every company has them),instead if faking it and blunder through for a pay check and ruin something.

 I have a dozen of known competent vintage waterpump rebuilder listings..and knew of the Gould history and had a history with the original company from years back.


60% of my choice of rebuilder was having not to send the pump thousands of miles via the not always reliable (these days) post office and other common carriers twice.

Gould is about 110 miles from me.


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Price isn’t as important as quality work, and knowing your parts won’t get ruined by a 17 year old kid with his head up his axx. Complicated water pump rebuilds can easy run from 800 to 2500 or more. All depends on the application. Since many water pump jobs on a V-6 modern car can easily run a grand, three hundred bucks for an 80 year old pump is a bargain. I know the current owner of Gould’s pump service......a very talented young family man who works of everything from run of the mill cars to world class Pebble Beach stuff.

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My Rickenbacker pump was at Gould when they were going through an ownership change and they were also moving their location.

It was a few years ago.

The frustrating part at that time was trying to figure out what phone numbers worked and who to talk to since everything was in transition.

I don't fault them for that, it must have hectic getting all of the logistics straightened out.


But Flying Dutchman did a great job on the pump and I was pleasantly surprised with the price.

And no, there are no 'parts' available for Rickenbacker pumps.

I sent along a spare on both occasions in case they needed to scavenge parts to make one good one.

The dome shaped impeller is what Gould said they could not repair or reproduce at the time.

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