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1928 Chrysler Coupe, Trunk Floor


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Recently acquired a 1928 Chrysler Model 52.  Rear trunk floor that was installed by a prior owner was junk.  Wondering if anyone has photos of the original and if it was indeed made from ash?  I've since removed the wood flooring and was hoping to fix this over the winter.


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 I saw this posting in facebook, in a group called "Forgotten projects and parts for sale", it might be worth contacting Wayne Van Pelt  and a couple of the others on this posting, you may be able to help each other.

 Also removing all the junk and non original floor and reposting some pictures of what is underneath the non original floor may help. Enjoy your 52, I had a tourer many years ago, a great little car.




In search of where I can find parts ,manuals...anything
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