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1925 Standard engine


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For sale 1925 191 Cu. in. engine. $850    2/1 /21 Including transmission.

$750 without transmission.

 Engine #1435301

Reported to be a running engine when pulled from car destined to become a street rod.  Distributer was crushed in transit. Another complete distributer comes with the engine.

 Transmission and other miscellaneous parts available. 
Located in Vancouver Washington.




Larry DiBarry


 Chambersburg, PA.

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I have had some interest in the engine by some of the known 25 owners. The main question was what has been done to the engine? When I bought all the components I was mainly interested in the wheels and tires. The statement was that it was a good running engine.

 I will try to reach the original seller to see if they can give me more details. 

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Updated information and new price.

I finaly received word from the former owner of the engine. He indicates that it was an excelent running engine. That had a carb rebuild, new plugs, tune up and fan belt. The 50 HP 6 just was not his cup of tea and wanted to go fast ... real fast! They are doing a Buick V8 for the conversion but keeping the outside fairly stock.

 $850 engine complete with transmission. $750 engine alone.



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Thanks for the comment.

 The cracked block engine I bought from Kentucky 4 years ago (which also had the timing gear removed and some other missing parts) cost me $300.

I would love to have this engine I have for sale sitting on my stand here at home in PA. as a spare. But, Vancouver is more than a few days drive away and restrictions are still in place.

1579113411_thumbnail_engine20and20transmission1.thumb.jpg.99fafb1bace380df4b1e38252b537385.jpg     DSCF6593.thumb.JPG.3b803b6eb605d16e16673f6eebac6cdb.JPG


 DSCF6604.thumb.JPG.27991be2606f1123c7dd1e8a80fbb391.JPG    DSCF6595.thumb.JPG.fa3837f26def59f5f92c69f0452c63f7.JPG



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Sorry not to pick up on this Cody.

The engine is available but it is "in transit" back to me in the east. Since we had no takers on the west coast Mr. Shaw, (desirous of having more garage space) arranged to ship it back to me. At present it is in the Minneapolis area awaiting pick up sometime in July for the next leg of the journey to the Detroit area. Then "The other Larry" may be able to bring it to PA in October or this Larry drives up to pick it up. Is is complicated.

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As I mentioned before I have not touched or seen the engine from Oregon up close yet. I do have a spare Marvel Carb for the Standard. It may need to be gone through as I used it to switch out to see which one would work better on my car. I have not had it on my car for several years now. I, as Hugh, would like to keep at least one spare. I believe I have another that came off the rough engine I purchased from Kentucky over 4 years ago.



 I do not recall how far i got into it. I will check.


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 I found some of the carb as shown above from the Kentucky engine.

DSCF6592.JPG.8d5e87314be0f74ab586ca07752efe1d.JPG   DSCF6593.JPG.40b4d245c9d99dadcfa6188c71407c54.JPG 


This is what was there to retrieve.

 I was hoping for a good timing gear to be in it. It was already pulled out and put back together!!

From what I recall it was a trial to get the carb apart. The riser tube had a noticeable hole in it. The dash pot valve vane has some damage and the venturi block is junk. But I would have gotten a new one from Roger McGinnis who is reproducing them. I have the cast iron main body section but still have to locate the brass bowl section. I think the only thing that I was able to use from the engine was the curved heat by-pass tube and the lower radiator hose stand off bracket. I have 3 of the aluminum air intake horns. I will get things located and we can go from there.

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On 6/10/2021 at 8:51 PM, 1956cody said:

Thanks Larry, I will talk to Hugh about this as I would need his help as far as restoring any carb I get. Hugh suggested the possibility of acquiring the unseen carb or one you might be willing to sell me.


 Here is the link to the other thread that we started in 2015 as reference.

The photos I took are of the carb I pulled out last night. I still can not find the brass bowl. I don't recall if it went to someone else in need. I will keep looking...

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