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1949 Roadmaster Moustache Bar: Painting in the Letters?


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Good Morning All,


I recently had my original moustache bar rechromed, and now am trying to figure out how to address the letters "BUICK EIGHT" embossed in it.  They are obviously supposed to be black.  But how flat?  What's the right tone?  And has anyone ever identified a pressure-sensitive lettering in the right font that could be used?  To complicate things a little, the rechroming inevitably filled in the depressions a little, so they are not as deep as they are supposed to be.


The below picture is from the net, it's not my car.


Any pointers?


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In my opinion, one should consider this effort in light of how you use the car. If you drive it a lot then given the top grill bar's location , it is not reasonable to consider this a "once done-forever" task.  And as such it is reasonable to expect that paint in this area will be subject to wear and tear.  Thus it seems it may not be worth a ton of effort to worry about the level of gloss to the top coats of paint.  

GM always made use of satin black where trim is concerned. It shows less irregularities than high gloss when dry.  I would suggest any satin black paint is acceptable.  

I would also suggest it should be put over a self etching primer that is given sufficient time to dry before top coating for best results. And that the gouges that form the letters are washed with acetone or other chemicals that will eliminate any polish that may be in the area to be painted before any primer. 



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Hello, I masked off the letters with 1/4 masking tape,then used krylon satin black,removed the tape then cleaned up any overspray with rubber compound.Seems to be holding up been a few years since it was done.


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