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Joe Gemsa Engine

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Hello.  I have an engine built by Joe Gemsa in 1964 and was wondering if anyone had any infrmation or knew of any place I could find some on the motor and if it has any significance.  Thanks I can provide photos if that helps.

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Most Gemsa engines I've seen have been in racecars on the salt or dry lakes. For more info - check over on landracing.com - that's where the Bonneville racers hang out.

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Joe Gemsa was famous for putting his name on everyone ells patterns. He used to barrow patterns from other races at the time and soon there would be some parts with his name on it. But it was always a treat to go by his house and see some of the stuff he was working on. On one trip I remember seeing a handful offys sitting on the ground and cut down Miller Indy engine for a midget race car on the bench. Sure miss those days.

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You will need to post more photos of the entire engine. The one photo you posted doesn't tell us much. 


Gemsa speed equipment can be quite valuable and his items are eagerly collected. While all of his items have good value, some are more valuable than others. Most of what he made was for four cylinder Fords-Model T and A/B. He made a variety of racing head conversions-flatheads, overhead valve, single overhead camshaft and dual overhead camshaft conversions.


Engines are basically a sum value of all the parts-what kind of head does it have? What manifold does it have? carburetors? Ignition? What kind of block was it assembled on? Internals? Is is Model T or Model A or B? etc etc etc. And, of course, condition and completeness.


Gemsa made a lot of items in the 1960s through early 1980s. His nickname was "Jiggler Joe" and he was quite active in the vintage racing world during this period. He was amongst the first generation of early Ford racing "collectors" and one of the first to make reproductions. Gemsa made lots  parts for people building and restoring vintage Ford racecars and speedsters during this period. Growing up  in Los Angeles, I would see him around quite a bit when I was a kid. He was a neat guy and a real character.


As I said, these items can be quite valuable and a lot of people collect them. Post photos here and myself and others can help you identify them. If you would rather do this privately, you can send me a PM through this website, call me at: 734-730-4274 or email: motoringicons@hotmail.com I would be glad to help.


Congratulations on owning a Gemsa engine. These are great items.

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