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Hupmobile Construction Details booklet

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I have a "Hupmobile Construction Details Including  The Use of Metals" booklet.  Inside cover  indicates Copyright 1922 by Hupp Motor Car Corporation. Tenth Edition December 15, 1922.


I found this booklet in a box of stuff my father in-law had kept for umpteen years.  If this is something anyone with an interest in Hupmobiles would like I will be glad to send it to you. Otherwise, it probably will end up in the trash.


John Espenmiller

1902 Carbonado Road

Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577


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Yes, the AACA museum might like to have it. If not, I have a 1923 Hupmobile, and would be enjoy having that in my files. Let me know, and I'll send you a PM with my address. 


Thanks most of all for not throwing it in the trash! -----Jim 

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Hi J. This is old soul 58 and I would be very interested in your construction book. It would go very well with my 22 Hupp touring car. Please message me if you still have it and I will send you my address. Thanks.

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