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I thought I was buying a fine luxury touring roadster, now I find it is nothing but a $37,000 K car. LOL I just bought this car for a second vehicle,  it's driver quality which is what I intend to do with it, drive and enjoy it. This car is fun, weird, unusual, rare, distinctive...all at import, econo-box pricing. Mechanical parts from Autozone, easy to repair and maintain Mitsubishi 3.0l engine. Always wanted a car with portholes! 









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Triple black, and clean sweet!!! After owning two LeBarons, that I traveled all over the country to find my second one, I did love the Mitsubishi engine transmission combo.Do wish mine had come equipped with that combo. If you're not familiar with the electronic controlled transmission, take it out of overdrive for a whole new experience. Initially I thought it wasn't shifting properly. But when you want it to go, it'll do just that! Enjoy!!!

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