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Needle and seat replacements for Tillotson Carburetors, M10-A, M10-B and M10-BX


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I am currently not doing this modification anymore. If for some reason, I decide to do it again. I will update this post. Sorry.

I am modifying the Tillotson carburetor seats to adapt to a new style needle and seat.  This is a flat bottom seat, compatible with today’s gas.  I will only do it on an exchange basis, you mail me your original Austin or Bantam Tillotson seat body (M10-A, M10-B and M10-BX) and I will mail you back an original Tillotson seat body that has been machined and a new needle and seat with gaskets.  So if you want to be able to walk off from your car without worrying about the gas dribbling out of it or tired of you trailer smelling like gas now is the time to get one. $50.00 post paid. PM me for address






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Hi! I'd like to have this done to my carb, if you're still doing it. I literally just joined and I am not yet able to PM anyone. Is it possible for you to PM me with the details? Thanks in advance!


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