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late 1922 -1923 Roadster body wanted

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I also have the remains of a rear roadster half. It got cannibalized to patch another. For you Al, you can have it if you can use it. When you coming to Central Oregon? I think I still have a pair of roadster doors and a deck lid too. Sorry but doors and lid you'd have to buy. :)

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On 1/11/2021 at 10:26 AM, alsfarms said:

I am looking for a late 1922 or 1923 Roadster body or just the back half.  Does anyone have such a thing laying around and available?  drop a note....(or PM)


I am located in Tacoma, Washington and recently bought a 1923 Dodge Brothers car which is in the middle of a frame off rebuild. I also received the former owners stash of 1923 Roadster drive train and body parts. I have a couple of hood sides, two good doors, a couple of the cowlings which fit below the radiator, several transmissions and clutch housings with questionable usabilities or histories, a couple steering gear boxes. I won’t ship this stuff, it isn’t for sale, but anyone who needs it can pick it up for free at my home in Tacoma. I need a 1923 Dodge Bros. Northeast Starter-generator, or someone to check mine out. The upper windshield glass, and/or any upholstery material, namely door/kick panels and/or a set of seats (bottom-back) and/or top material for the. 23 Roadster. I have the top irons and bows.

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