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1926 Model ?

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Just wondering if anyone would know the model of this car ? Was told it was a S70. What was the difference in the S70 and G70? There is no badge on the firewall to reference. I was also trying to see the production numbers once i know the model. Thank you in advance for the help.







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The dash and guage layout is a Model 60, look carefully at the fedco plate on the dash, this is to the left of your column, it will have numbers and letters concealed, those numbers will determine the car serial number , also the motor should have a number on the top of the timing chain case. If you can get those two numbers it will help.


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Looks a nice car. As Narve said it is definitely a 1926 series 60.

 I doubt the rack on the trunk would have come with the car, it is more likely a luggage rack that someone adapted and fitted to enable them to carry extra luggage. Personally I think the car will look better without it.


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