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1926 Chrysler 60 Valve Settings

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Hi all,


New to the forum, hoping someone here can help me. I have a 1926 Chrysler 60 and I would like to know the valve settings when cold. I have the owner's manual which has the hot settings, and I think the workshop manual has the cold ones, unfortunately I don't have a workshop manual. 


I would set them hot, but my car is RHD, and the steering box, plus the carburetor means I have very limited access to the valve gear when warm. I currently have the manifold removed to replace a gasket, so I've currently got fantastic access, hence wanting the cold settings. 


If anyone could help, that would be great. 


Kind regards,


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Hi Andrew,

 I have owners handbooks for Chrysler models 52, 65 and 70 from the same era as your car, all three books say set inlet and exhaust at 0.008in cold to begin with, then reset them as 0.004 for inlet and 0.006 for exhaust.

 I, like you, have right hand drive cars, and trying to reset them when hot, is almost impossible with the column and other stuff in the way. 

My series 52, I set the valves cold at 6 thou for inlet and 8 thou for exhaust when i rebuilt the engine and I never reset them again, even after 20000 miles of driving the car ran happily, without any issues,


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Hi Viv, that's excellent thanks. I'll try setting mine 2 thou over the hot settings as well, sounds like it's worked well for you! 

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