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1938 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible Coupe, video

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Thought I would share a video of my 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible Coupe. Filmed in the summer of 2020. This beautiful car was bought and meticulously restored by my late father (Curt Engvall) in 1994. I have provided some more information in the video.







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Hi Anders, sorry to hear about Curt, I think I met Curt in St Louis in Sept. 2000 at a Lincoln Zephyr convention. The 38 LZ convertible was there with him and I had a good look at it, nice car. I have owned  a Short top 38 LZ convertible,[ no back seat] here in New Zealand since 1996. I believe Kurt was involved in building a electronic distributor more recently, a story in LZ mag. 5 years ago. I have since built one, runs fine on test bench, have yet to test it on my LZ. convertible. Regards Roy.  

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Hi Roy and thank you for the kind words.


The yearly US-trip was a highlight for my dad and I’m happy you met each other the one time he brought the Lincoln Zephyr all the way from Sweden. I myself tagged along on his last trip to Hershey in 2017. My father passed away due to a heart condition, early 2019.



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