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LF: Advice on selling 1924 Sedan

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My employer inherited a 1924 Dodge Sedan from his father. He’s not much of a car guy and has asked if I can sell it for him. 
There’s also a 1953 Ford Customline


Its been probably 20 years since they were restored to daily driver standards and garage stored. The dad used to fire them up every week as he got older. 

The VIN# is really hard to read but appears to start with A211 making it Nov 1924 build date. Other than that I don’t know much about it. Wayyyy older than I am


if anyone has any input on what model/type/version or what have you. Possibly a price I could get for it that might be really helpful. Maybe even one of you dodge guys are interested in it?


Located on Vancouver Island in B.C.


Thanks in advance






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Looks like a good original car, horn is modern. It is late enough that it has 20 inch low pressure tires which is not a bad thing. The headlight and cowl light rings should be nickled, no big thing. The cowl light were available as a separate option. IF it is a deluxe the radiator shell should be nickled too. It would clean up and make someone a nice car. The bumpers are also an option. Maybe you should buy it from him?

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Surely there’s someone out there born before the 1980’s that would get more pleasure out of driving this than I would ;) I’m also out in the boat fishing on nice days


Thanks for notes. One thing I noticed is the radiator upper tank is visible from the front which is different than photos that come up in a search. Aftermarket?


Any thought on price? Is 15k usd reasonable?


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Hard to tell without seeing the interior.  If it’s nice, maybe eight to ten on the coast.  Five to eight in the middle of the country - we’re cheap and have to consider shipping costs.  You’ll have to find the right buyer, these hit forty-five with a tailwind and are more around the town, get ice cream and parade cars.  Prewar cars seem to have taken a hit lately, especially run of the mill twenties models - and it’s not an open car.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the Dodge Brothers Club and love the car, but I have to be realistic.  I hope you’ll find someone to love it.

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Sorry the photos I took of the interior ended up out of focus. It was redone and in good shape just needs a cleaning. Forget to check if the backseat was removable, not sure what dictates removable 

i ended up posting it locally for 19k cad which is 15k usd. Sounds like wishful thinking but worst that can happen is somebody lowballs and ands up at the more accurate price point. Or no offers at all and it’ll end up at an auction 

I appreciate the advice for sure :)



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No problem.  Just checked the classified ads in the Dodge Brothers Club Magazine and found two 1924 Dodge Brothers touring cars, one at 14 grand, the other at ten grand.  Both looked to be in good shape.  And as you said, you might get lucky - it can’t hurt to try.

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The seller might want to get the necessary paperwork in their name. If sold to a buyer in the US might make things easier. If the serial number you are trying to read is the one on the block, that is not the car number. There should be a serial number on the cross member just under the front floor board on the right side. There might also be a plate on the right side of the toe board, front seat.

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Good catch on the cowel lights!


The serial number I was trying to read was on the passenger side frame rail above the leaf spring shackle.

if not for advice on this forum I would’ve never found even just the few digits, not in a million years

its as easy to read as in the photo. The paperwork should have the correct serial # anyways 

_ 1 1 - _ _ 1

engine serial # shown below


so far the only interest has been asking if the 4 post hoist was for sale



it was at a car show in 97 so was painted 23+ years ago


Anyone know what this broken lever is taped to the steering wheel? Perhaps I should weld it for him



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Not completely ruling out the idea of buying it but space is an issue. Enough property but not enough garage space. Just sold my 57 VW pickup last year to make room for other hobbies

Hand throttle? Does this car not have a gas pedal??

engine # is 283 011

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It does have a gas pedal.  The broken lever could either be timing adjust or throttle adjust.  The one on the left side is timing (which is really on used at start up to retard the timing, one started, it would normally stay in full advance position, up).  It is aluminum so if you can weld aluminum, have at it.  I don't imagine it would be too difficult to source a good used replacement (Myers)...

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