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1929-32 Oil Line Bracket


as many of you know i made an oil line bracket for my 1929 Chevrolet. thanks to all the help and guidance from fellow VCCA members. it came out very nice and looks great on the car. seems that the oil line bracket is missing on many old Chevrolets.


i made a few extras since i had to buy a strip of steel to make mine. I also made some out of aluminum. bought aluminum strip since it was a softer metal and allowed me to tweak my design.

per the MPPL and those on here it looks like this will work as bent for 1929-1930 as it is designed for 1/4" tubing, you can modify the loop (tighten it up) to work on the 1931-1932 that utilizes a 1/8" tube. the general shape is the same. 


I am asking for $9.00 ea shipped to anywhere in US. this covers the material, package, and shipping. not making anything off these, just passing them on to anyone else in need.


If interested send me a PM, let me know what material and how many. 





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