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Piston & Pin Set STD 1929-30's Chevrolet


continued cleaning up my garage and have a set of practically NEW Pistons, Pins, and Rings. may want to replace the rings. These are the ones that the Previous Owner installed in the block when they had it rebuilt. The car was driven for less than 25 miles, before i pulled hte engine due to overheating, had to have the head machined and went ahead and had the block decked and put in .030" pistons. They are in great shape, they are stamped with "STD" for standard bore. They are Cast Iron !! they were removed by the engine shop, cleaned, and then coated in a light oil to preserve them.


I am asking for $50.00 shipped to anywhere in US. this covers the material, package, and shipping.


If interested send me a Message. 







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