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1928 Chrysler Spring Mount Cushion Repair

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The 1928 Chrysler Model 72 has these unique metal enclosures holding the ends of the springs to the frame in place of more common spring shackles.  Inside the metal enclosure is the end of the spring capped on the top and bottom with a formed rubber cushion.  Steele Rubber makes replacements, but they are very expensive.  Has anyone tried to remove these rubber cushions and patch/repair them with one of the various rubber repair products sold.  I would be interested in how you removed the rubber cushion from the spring on the car and what product was found to be most useful in the repair.

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Removal is straightforward but tedious with a couple of large flat screwdrivers, unless the rubber is totally worn down and falls out. Two restorers in Europe have made their own rubber blocks by filing down large square blocks to approximate size, the patent is rather forgiving. Anyhow both the sets from Scott's Auto Rubber (AUS) and Steele that I previously have bought needed lots of work to make do.



Illustrated is the Steele version (the AACA program insists to present the photo upside down). I did however ask for a set to fit a Series 65 and did not send in the old ones for measures, as I believed Steele should know which sizes to use by  now.

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Interesting.  I can usually save a picture, open it, rotate it, rename it and post it right way up.  This time I had to run it through "paint" and slightly crop it to get it to stay right side up.


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