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1937 hood prop

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Can anyone tell me or send photo of where the hood prop rod attaches to the inner front hood, and maybe a photo of the swivel ( 266158 ) the rod swivels on. 
in addition, what is the name and part number of the metal piece that fits from side to side halfway back that the prop is stored on ( via prop holder). 
i removed it from hood years ago and honestly cannot remember how to replace it. In addition, I left the hood up on my coupe and now the right hinge appears to be stuck in open position. I am afraid to force it and spray lube has not helped.

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3 hours ago, drdon said:

 I am afraid to force it and spray lube has not helped.

What spray lube are you using?

How much time have you given it to work?

Can we assume you have pushed it up a tiny bit a few times, then let it rest and soak?

Then repeat before you try to lower it the least bit, so as to not bend the hood or hinges; then up a tiny bit and let it soak some more?

Extreme patience is your friend.

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On 1/8/2021 at 8:05 PM, rbk said:


I have a N.O.S hood hinge if you need one.

Robert Kapteyn


Don I am sorry but the hinge I showed is 262981 and is a trunk hinge for certain 1936 sedans.It was marked "1937 hood hinge. You need a 265448 hood hinge.

I posted a picture of an other unidentified hinge that maybe the correct one.I have many trunk and hood hinges that have no tags. The tags were lost in the last 84 years .




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I see the attachment location now on the hood photo. It is to the right (viewers right) just behind the hood lock. I see the stud that attaches to the rod. PS want to sell that rod attachment? SMB please measure your prop rod. I have two that I know came off my car and CE but both seem too long now. 

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About 36.5 inches up to the plate where the mounting bolt is.   Also the swivel is above the plate where you see the mounting point.   It cannot be seen easily.   The picture probably has the swivel as its mounting bolt is present.

Also the Dictator, President and Coupe Express Hood Top Props are the same according to the parts manual.

I don't have any related parts to sell.

You need to try something like PB Blaster, Justice Brothers 80 or some other product that will penetrate to the hinge pins and work on the rust.

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