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Fuel pump should be in the tank. Only frame rail mounted fuel pumps in that general year model orientation were on the diesel pickups.

Relay will probably be in the underhood area with the other fuses and relays.

If replacing the relay doesn't get the pump to run, then you'll need to troubleshoot the system starting with the oil pressure sending unit and tracing the wiring to the back of the vehicle and the sending unit/fuel pump module. Could ALSO be that the wires on the fuel pump module are melted due to the pump pulling too much current as it worked hard to push fuel through a clogged fuel filter.

Repeatedly running a fuel injection-equipped vehicle out of fuel or with less than about a 1/4 tank of fuel will also kill a fuel pump as the fuel around the pump is also a cooling agent for the pump. When the Low Fuel light comes on, it's typically when there are about 2 gallons of fuel left in the tank, which, spread out over the tank is not much fuel. Always replace the fuel filter any time you replace a pump AND at about 30,000 mile intervals thereafter.

If you heard a significant buzzing or high pitched whine from the fuel tank area, that was the fuel pump telling you it was starting to fail and/or needed a new fuel filter.

Just some thoughts . . .


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