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FS: Online Auction, Sunday, January 17: 1919 White Model 15, 3/4-Ton Stake Side Truck

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Part of the Collection of Antique Vehicles of Francis Tarzian (1929-1997), an AACA member since 1953. The 1919 White Model 15, 3/4-Ton Stake Side Truck goes to auction online on Sunday, January 17, at Turner Auctions + Appraisals. Purchased in 1964. Recovered from building demolition project in Newark, NJ. Complete factory-correct restoration and replacement / refabrication of missing components. Restoration complete in 1967. Won First National 1967 (Niagara Falls/Junior). Won (Senior) First National in 1968. Never placed 2nd in AACA competition (was withdrawn from competition to allow for others a chance to compete). Auction estimate: $15,000-25,000. Located near San Jose, California, USA. For more photos, information, and press release on the sale, visit: www.turnerauctionsonline.com/upcoming-auctions. For further questions, contact Steve Turner, sturner@turnerauctionsonline.com, 415-254-9174 (cell).

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