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Locomobile dealership

Ben Popadak

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I haven't been out for a walk for quite a while but when the weather is better and there is no Covid, I often walk by this place during lunch.  No Locomobiles displayed any more, too bad.  Maybe I'll inquire at the parts department and see if they have any NOS Locomobile steam parts.

Locomobile dealership, Bath, Maine.jpg

Locomobile dealership, Washburn Garage, Bath, Maine.jpg

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Here is a fun picture of the car dealership that my Great Grand Dad owned from the early 19hundreds to the middle of the depression.   It was the first dealership in our side of the county.  He was dealer for Allen, Kissel, Jeffery and Jeffery trucks.  He also sold a wide variety of second had automobiles.  My 1909 Locomobile being one of cars he owned.   Here is a picture of the building as it now stands just around the corner from my home in the west central area of Utah.  The above mentioned automobile makes can still be seen on the face of this building.  This is certainly a different building as compared to the big city Locmobile dealerships shown on this thread!  This was and is a different area as we were on dirt roads until about WW2.  Can you share pictures of other known dealership buildings, that have a connection to Locomobile, particularly rural areas?



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On 1/7/2021 at 5:37 PM, Ben Popadak said:

... I often walk by this place during lunch.  No Locomobiles displayed any more, too bad.  

"Then and now" photographs are fascinating.

It's especially satisfying when a building has survived

unscathed, well maintained and possessing all of its

original features.  This one, at least, is very recognizable.


I wonder what was on the second floor.  Such old garages

often had ramps up to the second floor, where inventory

was stored.  The single bay window--unusually placed

in a line of flat double windows--may have been in a

supervisor's or owner's office.


In what town is this?  I remember seeing in some

Locomobile publication a listing of cities with dealerships.

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Town is Bath Maine.   I've read somewhere's that the building was unique as it was poured cement.  The year I think was 1910 .   There was a copy of an old post card of the building on ebay last week, don't know if it's still active.  A couple months ago I got my own Locomobile but it's not a big one.  Teeny tiny is more appropriate and steam, got to have steam.  


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