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Help id this 6" light. Brass era car? Buick? Ford? Studebaker?

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looking for some help trying to figure what this head lamp is originally for?  it measures 6" diameter and has a know on the back that you turn

which moves the light bulb inside to on/off postion. i was thinking it could be from a

late teens/early 20's ford model T, Buick or Studebaker?  the clamp looks like to would tighten to a square piece of the car. I appriciate any help identifing what this light is from originally. Thank you






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4 hours ago, DFeeney said:

Could this be one of the windshield spot  lights that young Floyd Clymer got rich on, "Back in the Day"?

No, Clymer's light mounted through a hole that you cut through the glass

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