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Bleeding Master Cylinder 48 Lin.

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I have just finished rebuilding the Cylinder and am now I am ready to Bench Bleed it.  I have watched a few YouTube videos  on how to do it but am a little confused on one part. It seems a lot of people used a bleeding kit.


After hooking up the nipples and the plastic tubing, they put the tubing back into the cylinder and they pump until all the air bubbles disappear.


What I am asking is once the disconnect the nipples  and the tubing does the air not get back into the cylinder.?



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After bench bleeding, leave the nipple, tubing and fluid in place. Take it out of the vice and mount on car. Remove the nipple and screw in the brake line. Bleed brakes as normal, starting with the furthest brake. Make sure to keep fluid topped up in master while bleeding lines. When done make sure there is enough fluid in master, then install lid to keep out moisture.

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