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Lycoming 4SL main bearings

Bill heath

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I have a 1928 IHC model 26 truck with Lycoming model 4SL engine.  Grandfather bought it new and handed it down to me in 1966. It runs and drives great, however it is time to renew the crankshaft main bearing shells.


I have an original engine parts book for this engine which lists the original part numbers for the bearings needed.  The part numbers it shows match the numbers stamped onto the backs of the bearing shells removed from the engine.  These main bearings are labeled -020 (.020" undersized) which agrees with the parts book.   The upper shells all look fine, it is the lower shells that I am looking for.


The Federal Mogul shells have these IHC part numbers and logo stamped on them:

-Front lower #1 shell  51398V

-2 lower shell   51400V

-3 lower shell    51401VA

-rear lower shell    51407V


The old IHC parts book lists the numbers for the corresponding upper shells as well as numbers for the 2-shell assemblies.


If anyone has an idea of where I can locate these, your help would be greatly appreciated.



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