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Installing canvas on Model A Sport Coupe

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I would advise, that if you are not familiar with top upholstery, to find a good upholster to install the top for you. there are some things best left to the professionals. But to answer your question, I believe that the fabric is tacked with small nails at the top seam along cross bows and along the beltline, as are most soft tops. The nails are then covered with a matching hydem welt which is also tacked on. you may be able to find some articles online showing the process of installation.

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If you can find a copy of the LeBaron-Bonney instructions for a Sport Coupe or a Business Coupe top, it will help. I did the top on my 1929 Ford Business Coupe and it's quite a tedious job. Lot's of pull, stretch and tack, remove the tacks and pull some more. I would agree with jpage and at the very least, talk to a professional upholstery expert. By the way, is your top a kit from Lebaron or some other specialty company?

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