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Trumpet Horn Screens

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Looking for screen inserts for dual trumpet horns on 32 Pontiac same as Chevy and Olds

s.s. steel size is 1-7/8"  with slight cup and edge to hold them in  Anyone out there know 

where to locate them? I&I Reproductions in Calf. had them years ago but I tried them several

times and got no response.

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hello there my suggestion would be to go to home hardware store and purchase two cheap gauze sieve strainers such as used in kitchen cooking these have the bulbous shape already , then carefully measure the opening size of your horn trumpet perhaps by making a cardboard template that is just tight or oversize a little to get diameter then cut out the centre of each strainer to match measurement  ( Scissors will Do ) then fit them in tight so the edges hold the gauze in place , i guess you could add a couple of drops of good glue like araldite on the edges to be sure ,?

if you find the right strainers , even tea strainers the gauze should be about right 

my ten cents   

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Model A Ford horn screen has slight dome and edge bent at about 90* angle - not sure of diameter.  Dunno if they come in stainless but might be able to get appearance close with paint.  Repros are cheap and readily available - Mr Google can tell you where.

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