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On this last day of 2002 I would like to wish all Zephyr enthusiasts a Happy New Year. I've benefitted greatly from this site over the past year. I would especially like to thank O.C for his extensive knowledge and always insightful comments on the workings of the Lincoln and Ford motorcars. Whether it's mechanicial, historical data, sources to find more information for special problems, or just tips on how something goes together or comes apart, I am always impressed and amazed by the vast knowledge you've gained throughout the years and your willingness to take the time to share that knowledge with the rest of us. I check this site everyday and look forward to your comments. It would not be what it is without your input.

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Well I am flattered indeed by your kind words, as some of you know, I was enamored of LZ's and LC's back in the '50's when I was in my 20's, and had quite a number of them, back in those days a Zephyr seldom cost more than $50 or $75, so even though it is harder financially now, it is gratifying to see the sustained interest in these great cars, and I am pleased to help with their care and feeding when I can, happy new year everybody!! OC

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