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Hi all, and a Happy New Buick Year!

I start the year with the following question, when or did Buick stop sending out their traditional Buick Magazine. I have collected complete years from 1956 - 1958. Just curious if they continued in the 60s as well?


Hoping for a great new Buick Year and new members on the forum!  



1957 Buick Magazine.jpg

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I might be incorrect, or not totally correct, but in order to receive those (or similar from any other vehicle brand), a dealer had to add the name to a mailing list (which the dealer funded) to Buick to receive the magazine.  Which is why these or similar publications can be so difficult to find.  The "subscription" usually went for a year or two, then mysteriously ended.  This was all funded by a particular dealer, not the corporation OR customer.  Many went to businesses as an advertising venture for the dealer, I suspect.  Doctors' offices, beauty shops, and other places they would be seen by many people, plus new car owners/customers of the dealer.


Just some observations,


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Which also askes the question when did the BUICK Bulletin begin and end? I have seen examples back into the teens and some members have issues thru the 1920s. I am still looking for examples that may show some of the special cars advertized for 1925. Standard Sport models. The Buick Magazine taking over at what point? 

I found on Ebay one of these Buick Restorer Magazines. Vol 1 No. 2.


No referrence to a publisher. Just ads, articles from various period publications. So there had to be a Vol.1 No.1. Anyone out there have any more of these?

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