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WTB - 1903-1906 Complete Project - Preferably Ford

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Hi all,


I’ve posted a few times over the past decade plus, looking for an early project without much luck but due to time lapse I have created a new account. No longer in my 20s my budget and skills have increased a little-although both are still growing 😅

Ideally I would love to find a pre NRS Ford project. (My budget does not go near enough to buy a nice restored one-plus sometimes half the fun is the process when necessity demands ). Ie Ford A, AC, F or C. 


Definitely open to Cadillac, Buick and other makes too if the Ford continues to be elusive.. 


If you can help please do message me.





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I would encourage you to persist with your desire.  Post a picture of what you want showing a similar car in the condition you want to start with.  Join the early cad. group. (birds of a feather flock together)  They are a very knowledgeable group.  Lastly, when opportunity knocks. open the door!


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  • KiwiFord changed the title to WTB - 1903-1906 Complete Project - Preferably Ford

Here’s a photo of the Canadian Ford C my family had in New Zealand. Despite a lot of research and following up on leads I do not know what ever became of this car. 


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Thank you - yes I can although I’d have to dig out my records to be sure of them all. My great grandfather David is driving and seated beside him in the passenger seat is his brother Thomas (jnr) Their sister Marion had married well and widowed early. She purchased the car initially and later gave it to her father Thomas (snr). His next car was a 1923 Model T that he purchased together with his son David (my great grandfather)and is still in the family today. Two years later David purchased a 1925 Model T and I am now the fourth owner of that Model T. 

Here is a photo of the two Model Ts back together after about 40 or so years. They have always been one family cars but we’re separated by distance. The 1925 has a number of correct 1925 updates/model enhancements for New Zealand. (However the sidelights were added by a previous owner)



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