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1969 and 1970 MGB Restorations for sale Houston TX

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Hey guys, my father passed away last October and never found the time to restore these MGs.  I know there are all the parts (plus some from another 1969 that he had stripped) but it is in obvious disarray.  Asking $1,800 each OBO  















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That hardtop can be worth almost what your asking for the whole car.  It is common to see them for sale from $1200.00 to $2000.00 depending on the condition.  Checkout MG Experience , www,mgexp.com , you might also check some of the MG car clubs


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Pull them outside and give them a good clean. Will be easier to sell and few hours work will be worth 100's extra. Photo graph the parts. Any rust? To me $1800 each is a little optimistic.

What is V8 block for? I also note a 6 cylinder head gasket (Plymouth?).  Usually these MGB's are 4 cylinder, but some are 6 cylinder and few late model have a Rover(Buick) V8


Other car for sale by the same poster



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Thanks guys, great advice  - I have a buddy coming out this week to help sort through everything, so hopefully we can get some better pics and inventory taken care of.  And yes, the V8 is from the '41 Plymouth - good catch!

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