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17 hours ago, Joeyt said:

Is it possible to open this air filter can from my 1929 Buick, someone said you are able to put a filter Inside, 



You have posted in the correct Forum. Several 1929 experts.  Give them time to see this and respond. 

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The can will be hard to re-seal when changing the internal filter because the ends of the can support the unit. 

I suggest that you keep the original air cleaner if you enter the car for judged shows, and use a commonly available filter for everyday driving.   Spectre® 9132 - Round Tapered Red Air Filter (3" F x 6" B x 4.75" T x 6.5" H) (carid.com)


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You have a good looking original filter there.  It is not all dented and rusted out the way many originals are.  It still has its end support stud which has not broken loose.  I would paint it and get an original decal and apply it.  Then follow Mark Shaws advice and install a common filter for driving and install the really nice original filter for judging at shows.  

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