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Piston Ring Help

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My 58 Edsel Corsair is currently undergoing an overhaul, however it’s not even begun unfortunately due to not being able to find the correct size piston ring.

from what the mechanic said, the ring we’re unable to locate is a 3/32nd ring.

Full measurements are down below:

Bore size 4.23

top ring: 5/64

middle ring: 3/32

oil ring: 3/16

Does anyone have a set of these rings, or know where I can look further to get them?

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    Sorry.... I can't help you on this one.... None of us have a set of these N.O.S. and these  have not, and more than likely, never will be reproduced.....

   Yikes.... Good luck in the search...... Craig....

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Just thinking that you might have to change pistons to a version that would have a compatible ring set. 

Egge machine is the place to start looking. 

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Try this. I found this on Smokestak.                      


OTTO Gas Engine Works

Piston Rings For All Engines

2167 Blue Ball Road

Elkton ,MD 21921-3330




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