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For Sale: 1957 Lincoln Premiere Hardtop - "Mostly original, West Coast car" - Philly, PA - Not Mine - 1/22 SOLD!

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For sale by Dealer on Ebay: 1957 Lincoln Premiere 2-Door Hardtop in Philadelphia, PA  -  Buy-It-Now Price: $19,800 plus auction  -  No phone # provided.  Reply through Ebay to Seller:  lbiparts


On 1/18, Seller relisted with a Buy-It-Now Price: $18,000


Link to auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-Lincoln-Other/265000708830?hash=item3db345eade:g:-zcAAOSwyHlf8hnT


Seller's Description:

1957 Lincoln Premiere 2-Door Hardtop

  • Mostly original, west coast car that has just come out of long term storage.”
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):  57WA18880L
  • For Sale By: Dealer
  • Mileage: 50405
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Exterior Color: White
  • Interior Color: Pink
  • Vehicle Title: Clean
  • Body Type: Coupe
  • Power Options: Power Windows, Power Seats

In 1957 Lincoln was hoping to continue the momentum of the sales success of 1956, Lincolns weren't selling like Cadillacs, but the numbers were steadily going up. The Premier was just below the Continental in the line up and in 1957 it had the new "Quadra-Lite" front end that featured vertically stacked headlamps over road lamps.  There was also a revised grille and front bumper. The hood ornament, side brightwork, and fender skirts were redesigned.  But the new for 1957 "canted rear blades" from the quarter windows to the redesigned tail lights were the stars of the show.  These Lincoln coupes are relatively rare, especially compared to a Cadillac coupe.  This car was originally sold in California and then came to the east coast in 1981 or 1982. In 1982/83 it was partially "restored" by Schaeffer and Long Inc.  From the paper work it looks to be mostly mechanical work with some small body repairs and interior trim repairs. It was then rarely driven, and parked in a garage or rented storage unit.  The current owner bought it about 5 years ago, from what appears to be the owner since 1981/82.  My timeline might not be exact, but you can tell from the condition and originality of the car that it has always been protected and cared for. There are old registrations, insurance cards, storage bills, and etc that help with the timeline. There are also repair and parts invoices, that come with the car. The mileage indicated might be correct as the car was not used often in the 80s, and then was stored since the 90s. Here are some detailed photos:




And here are a few videos and more photos:  https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0iG7HOIlGIMZzp



The paint looks to be about 70% original with some small, dings, scratches and blemishes. The body is straight and the panel gaps are consistent. The undercarriage and frame are very solid though there is some rust starting in places. The glass is in good shape though the one side window does have a crack. Some of the window seals are showing their age. Some of the chrome is pitted and stained, but the chrome and trim looks to be all accounted for. The front and rear bumpers are straight, and all the lights are aligned and un-cracked. All four wheel covers are present and look good. The tires hold air and have good tread but should be replaced because of their age. The spare can be found in the trunk. Some of the lights do not work, so grounds and bulbs need to be checked.    


The interior is still in its original color scheme, and the muti-colored leather has held up well. The front seats are slightly more worn than the back, and there is one rip on the driver's side of the front seat. The door cards, rear seat surrounds, headliner, parcel shelf all look very good. The dash has deformed in places especially around the stereo. The gauges, bright work, glove box, knobs and levers all look good. This car originally came with power windows, power seats and power antenna. Some of these items are working and some are slowly coming back to life. This car just came out of hibernation so many accessories and items will need to be cleaned and lubricated before being used. The windows move up and down slowly, the tracks and mechanisms should be greased before regular use. The radio does not work.  

Engine Bay and Trunk:

The engine is believed to be original to the car. It looks original, and though the engine is dirty it is tidy, and does not look like unprofessional hands have been meddling. The trunk has the original lining on all sides, though the bottom is worn and ripped.  


The engine starts quickly and sounds good, with no excessive noise or smoke. The gas tank was drained, cleaned and fresh high octane fuel was added. The engine was just tuned up with new condenser, rotor, plugs, wires, and cap. The drive belts were replaced, and a new starter solenoid, battery, and fuel sending unit. The transmission fluid looks clean, but it is old and who knows what is lurking in the torque converter. It shifts through the gears but I would recommend fresh fluid and filter before letting the three speed go into regular use. The brake master was rebuilt, as were the front and rear brakes, with new hoses and fluid. The brakes work well with a firm pedal. The shocks should be replaced and the front end should be looked over and greased.


I have tried to describe the car to the best of my abilities. It will drive around the block or onto a trailer, but further servicing needs to be done.  It is a very solid and original coupe, and it is a relatively easy car to work on with a great network for parts and advice.  


I always recommend seeing cars in person before bidding, so please reach to arrange an inspection. The car is sold as is.  There is no warranty or guarantee of condition, and please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.































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And better tires.  It looks like so many of the space age drawings of that era with the sharp lines and over accented features like the rear fins.  It could be out of this world with a paint job that complements its style.

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1 hour ago, GregLaR said:

Is it just me or does anyone else see this car screaming for a two-tone paint scheme?


I was thinking the same thing, Greg, and then

I saw your comment.  For some reason, it looks

a little bland as it is.


Lincoln's 2-tones for 1957 were only a contrasting

top color.  So what color would be good?  Black would

be okay;  perhaps "cinnamon poly" to go with the 

paint and the coral-colored interior?


Picture 1 of 1

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Watched a movie yesterday, "Irishman". Robert DeNiro played the lead about the mob tied in with the teamsters. The movie started in the 50s and went through 2000 showing some great cars of each decade. One of the cars was a '57 Lincoln in black, stunning car. Movie is three hours long, but some amazing looking cars in it. 

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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1957 Lincoln Premiere Hardtop - "Mostly original, West Coast car" - Philadelphia, PA - Not Mine - 1/10 No Sale
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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1957 Lincoln Premiere Hardtop - "Mostly original, West Coast car" - Philly, PA - Not Mine - 1/18 Reduced & Relisted
  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1957 Lincoln Premiere Hardtop - "Mostly original, West Coast car" - Philly, PA - Not Mine - 1/22 SOLD!

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