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FS: 1965 Citation II Dune Buggy FB Marketplace

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Cool! I couldn't get the link to the ad, though, so I couldn't learn much. (Maybe I have to be a facebook member?) Was Citation a company that produced complete vehicles from re-used engines and frames? Or just made the bodies? I'm familiar with the Manx name, and that's about it.


Interesting that a rare dune buggy is found in Nebraska (if I'm reading the link correctly.) That's a little like finding a rare snowmobile in Florida.

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I just went back to the listing and it shows as being expired now.


The car was located in Ontario, CA so it makes sense to have one of these cars in SoCal.

From what I gathered just doing some quick reading on the web, it was a car that was sold as a kit or complete that the buyer could add their own drivetrain to.

Now I wish I had grabbed more pictures of the car.  :(


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