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1938 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe YouTube Restoration Series

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Greetings and Happy New Year!

    I just wanted to share this link to this YouTube series I discovered this weekend .   There are 19 parts to date that feature the restoration process (and some modifications) on a ‘38 Zephyr Coupe.  The interviews are done by a novice named Barry T and feature JB Donaldson who is a Zephyr Coupe aficionado and restorer.

   I don’t know if I learned much that I didn’t know but found it quite enjoyable and thought I would pass it along.   

    Does anyone know much about JB Donaldson and his restoration business?

    One thing I did find interesting is how rare and desirable the 37-39 Coupes still are.

   Anyway, I would be interested in others thoughts and input.

Good health and happiness to all!

Phil Wimbish 

‘38 Zephyr 

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Thank you for posting this, you are right, there is a lot of basic information, but a lot of good advice. Besides, it’s nice to see all the pieces we’re familiar with on someone else’s bench! I have really enjoyed the videos!

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