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Wanted: 1929 and 31 Wire Wheels, please help, thank you.

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Dayton Wire Wheel can make new wheels, however, they will not make them exactly like original.   If you’re original wheels had welded spokes Dayton will not remake them that way.  They will only make them with adjustable spokes.  Dayton will build the entire wheel using your original center hub. 

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I have made six sets of wire wheels with Dayton in the last three years. Gary B is the go to guy on pre war wheels there. Never had a problem working with them. And I made some one off wheels where I supplied the rims that I had manufactured. Their prices are very reasonable.

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I am currently having a set of 6 wheels made for my 29 Victoria President in Queensland Australia., I supplied my original wheel centers, President spokes are not welded.

Unfortunately shipping to the US, would be expensive.


I am also having  11 hubcaps made for my two 29 FH Presidents in New Zealand.


 I can supply details if necessary.



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On 1/4/2021 at 10:12 PM, Aussi John 1 said:

President spokes are not welded.

Studebaker was not consistent or uniform with parts and features.   The 1929 FE President Brougham has 19 inch welded wire wheels with the large hub cap not seen on other President models until a year or so later.  

Here is a picture of my 1929 President Brougham showing the welded wire wheels and larger hub cap.   Also, a picture of my Brougham with my brothers 1929 FH President Cabriolet which has the adjustable spokes and smaller hub cap.  



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very good, will advise.  Any comments on availability?  Is there anybody who could make a new set....yeah, I know, cringing at the thought of the price, but these are family cars that will remain roadworthy for future generations.


OK, clarification as follows - and Ed, thank you for the referral to Dayton, I will followup to get some sense of budgetary pricing while prayers for good original wheels are submitted to the powers that be.


Aussie John - these are NZ cars, so it certainly would be of interest to learn more about your Queensland wheel project.


First the USA built 1929 Studebaker President sedan. It’s on 19” wheels. It has five studs and these are visible outside once the hubcap is on. 60 spokes. Hubcap opening is 5”. These are more urgently needed. See photo.


The second car is a 1931 USA built Studebaker President (Four Seasons Roadster). It’s also on 19” wheels. It has 6 studs and these are covered when the hubcaps are on. 40 spokes. Hubcap opening 8 ½” or possibly 8 5/8”.  See photo


STUDE 1929 SEDAN.jpg


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To Flackmaster


I am located in Sydney.


Are these for Douglas's President Four Seasons Roadster and his son's President sedan?


Steve Hood in Kingaroy Queensland makes rims he is currently making a set of six 20"  for my 29 President Victoria.


 See pic of my Brooklands President, these rims are well-base type, but he also will make the split ring type, which he is currently  making for my Victoria.  




 If you need hubcaps for the 29 President, Dave Pattern in NZ will make these. He has just made a set for me.


Dave Patten <dave.patten28@gmail.com>



hubcaps-12-2-21 301.jpg

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