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6cyl Delco generator unusual with distributor on the front end. Any ideas?


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There are lots of gens around with the distributor on the back end,this one with the dist on the driven end is a new one on me. There may have been another label on it but only has the back one now with no model number. Has the number 1056506 stamped in the side. Latest patent date 1916. Appreciate any help.

IMG_9992 (1).JPG

IMG_9993 (1).JPG


IMG_9995 (1).JPG

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Buick  16-17

Cole 16-17

Davis 16-17 19

Elcar  16-17

Moon  16-17 19

Meteor 16-17          One would have to look through each section in the large Delco book for a distributor body that looks like your unit.    LOTS of WORK

Oakland 16-17

Olds  16=17

Pilot 17-20

Paterson  17-20                  Picture is of a NOS one that I have

Premier  17-20

Stephens  17-19

Wescott  16-19


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