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29 Buick .......First time driven since 1954

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Attached is a link to a short video of my Dad, Al, who is 92 years young driving his Buick for the first time. It was our goal to get it running and with the help of many we were able to get it going. I'm an old Packard guy, but this is really a great car!








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Way to go!!! I just hope I will be still around and able to drive mine at 92 years young.  I am looking forward to driving mine when it is 100 years old in 4 years and I will be 81..  Leon

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Thanks guys for the encouragement........It's been a challenging, but fun along the way. The car is in original condition and had been sitting since 1954. The pistons were frozen and took a great deal of TLC to break them loose. After we broke them loose, we finally got the engine running to find out the clutch was stuck..........ending up pulling the motor and freeing the clutch.

We are currently in the process of reworking the fuel system at this time.  Distance is pretty limited on a 1 gal gas tank!

Again, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped along the way. Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Happy New year to all..............

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Hey Steve,

You should have told these fellows how much trouble and time your dad and his 77 year old buddy took scratching heads, knowing nothing about it, trying to figure how to compress, align, and install back on the engine all those clutch parts!  HA!


Tom Schmutz

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