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1920 Buick Marvel E3carb.

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Do you have a photo of one pictured in a 1920 parts book?

That would help. There are so many variations on these it’s not even funny. I’ve got 3 boxes of junk ‘spares’ that came with my E-35. Apparently the prior owner spent 50 years hoarding up anything he could in an attempt to get it all right. He did, but not a single part in those spares is a match. Doubt I’ll ever figure out what any one of them go to.....


Lots of Marvels turn up on eBay but the sellers never know what they actually have. Especially not a certain Minnesota old parts dealer who ‘knows all’ and claims to have it all....

(This picture is just a small portion. I’ve got 50 springs - not one of them is right.)


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This is the carburetor you are after.  It has J2H/B  on it and H2/1 float bowl




1920 carby.jpg

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