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Help with Interior Door Panel Mounting Repair

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Both of the horizontal chrome strips on my 72 Riv interior door panels are loose or off. I removed the driver's door panel and examined how the panel is attached... at least from my "wet behind the ears" point of view.

  • The chrome strip is a U channel and slides over the bottom of the top door panel.
  • There are three small, 3/4" ribbed nails tack welded to the strip side facing the door interior.
  • The nails are inserted into round, honycomb plastic pieces. The nail ribbing anchors it into the plastic piece.
  • The plastic anchors fit into to door sheet metal.


Most of the nails have broken loose from the weld point on the chrome strip. How do I fix this? Tack weld the nails back into place and reassemble? Or mimage4.thumb.jpeg.bb8739ab98e693a414deef10dcdeff5c.jpegodify the whole set-up in some manner with metal screws instead of the original nails? Photos are attached and I welcome your guidance.






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11 hours ago, 64Rivvy said:

JB Weld might be an option also. Let us know how it worka out. 

I agree. JB weld is good. I keep trying other adhesives for metal. The POR 15 two part proxy is real good.

The best I’ve experienced for fixing dings or road rash on turbines is lab metal. Lab metal can be buffed to a shine. It is a lot of work as I have 2-3 applications of LabMetal for hairline crack or dings. The LabMetal works and much less expensive thanTIG weld metal fill. BTW, LabMetal is not good at all for joining metal as it needs oxygen to cure. A good metal joiner is USC All Metal. I try a lot of adhesives for fixing broken decorative ornaments and whatever else I can’t fix but with adhesive.


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