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New Year's Day Tour of the Rose Parade

29 Chandler

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Today a bunch of us local car nuts took the opportunity to drive the route of what would have been reserved for the 2021 Rose Parade. The weather was perfect and the traffic non-existent. It was a chance of a lifetime. We stopped by the Rose Bowl and City Hall for some group shots of the cars.




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Thank you motoringicons. While the SoCal Club had no official role in the tour today it was so wonderful to get-together and drive the cars. We had some many people waving and taking our pictures as we drove around. The Eastwoods started such a great tradition it was nice we could honor them today in this small way.


We hope to do more of this in 2021.

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The Eastwood's Buick now resides in a private collection. I doubt we will see it out for the Holiday Motor Excursion anytime soon 😔

There was a good mix of cars. My highlights were a 1911 RR Silver Ghost, 1911 Rambler, 1914 Chandler (I'm a bit partial), a 1920 Locomobile. we also had a group of Honda 600's, a plethora of Model A's, and an interesting mix of hot rods. A little bit of everything.

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