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1955 Packard Dealer upholstery and paint album very rare - $450

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This is a very complete used 1955 Packard Dealer album with nice dealer plates of all the 55 Models. Has some ware and the 1st 2 pages have been seperated from the album but contain all combinations of the colors and upholstery for 1955. Each page has a color picture of that model along with interior samples of material for that model. The 55 Carribean has a dial that you can turn to show all color interiors very neat. Has cutaway of the engine and you can turn and see each inovation for 55. Shows the torsion ride and has a pull type card that shows how it works. Also has a transmission pull type card that shows how it works. At the end of the album it has a neat
Packard Accessories for 1955. These albums were thrown out at the end of the production year as they were not needed anymore thats why these are rare. This is it for te 55 Packard collector. $450.00 Have other 55 & 56 Packard parts for sale. Thanks Gary cell 203-870-5248 or email 54caddy2@gmail.com

DSC05512 (Copy).JPG

DSC05509 (Copy).JPG

DSC05510 (Copy).JPG

DSC05511 (Copy).JPG

DSC05513 (Copy).JPG

DSC05514 (Copy).JPG

DSC05515 (Copy).JPG

DSC05516 (Copy).JPG

DSC05517 (Copy).JPG

DSC05518 (Copy).JPG

DSC05519 (Copy).JPG

DSC05520 (Copy).JPG

DSC05521 (Copy).JPG

DSC05522 (Copy).JPG

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