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Carburetor, Brass Era Kingston, For Sale

Bob Richmon

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Small Kingston Carburetor for sale. Virtually no wear, even the original cork float appears new. The throat is 1” and the brass bowl can be spun around to place the fuel feed where wanted. See pictures for flange bolt spacing. The number stamped in the brass body is H53567.  $125.00 with shipping in the us included!







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  That looks like what they call a 4-ball kingston for early mid teens Model T. If it doesn't sell here you might try the MTFCA,Model T Ford Club of America web site. You don't have to be a member,you will have to register so they know who you are, I have seen these sell for twice what you're asking but not lately. Good luck.


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Thanks Steve, I'm a member of both Model T club, that was my first thought, but after looking at documentation, there's a few differences. The choke lever is on the wrong side and the mixture knob is not drilled for the firewall adjuster. It is made to be reversible and could be modified. Thanks

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