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Love the car...probably because my grandpa's '53 Chevy (not a wagon) was the exact same color. Maybe some of the paint is original? Anyway, the car is original enough to be appealing...just lose the surf boards and eye lids over the headlights. Keep the plastic hula girl on the dash, though. 😄 Probably want to check out the rust near the tailgate before buying.


Only one complaint: "Sat a while so needs carb and brakes adjusted."

You mean a dealer selling a $13k vehicle can't be troubled to do that? I understand a private owner not feeling qualified enough to attempt the task, but c'mon...you're a dealer.

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The "California Car" statement can be misleading. I lived in Southern California for many years and if the car spent along time near the ocean, rust can be a problem. If the car spent most of it's time inland, the rubber dries out and becomes hard as a rock. The seals are easier to deal with than the rust. 

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