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1956 Packard 400 Parts car with original factory air


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I have a 1956 Packard 400 parts car with factory air. Has the compressor,evaporator,ect, with the factory vents that go into the dash. Car also has power seat,windows. Has engine that does turn, and pushbutton transmission along with torsion leveler. Car will roll and has 4 tires inflated. Have alot of 56

parts,trim, chrome along with some original seat backs for front and back but no bench seats for front or back. I am asking $2500.00 for car as it still has the belts for the air condition on it. Would be great if you want to add factory air to your car as its mostly complete and would easier hooked up to transfer to another 56 Packard. I also own a beautiful 56 Packard 400 2 tone blue. My phone is 203-870-5248 and  my email is 54caddy2@gmail.com.  Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks Gary

DSC05625 (Copy).JPG

DSC05626 (Copy).JPG

DSC05627 (Copy).JPG

DSC05419 (Copy).JPG

DSC05420 (Copy).JPG

DSC05421 (Copy).JPG

DSC05422 (Copy).JPG

DSC05423 (Copy).JPG

DSC05424 (Copy).JPG

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