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I'll see what I've got. Might have some. 

Do you have steel spoke wheels?

I have 2 extras that were bought as spares but they have a different bolt diameter? Looking to sell or trade to the right guy. I have a 34 Dictator. I bit of a challenge finding parts because so much of it is a one of year. 

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Chris —-Did you ever find the lug nuts you needed?  I was looking through some of my Hudson parts and came across some (6 or 7) right hand 9/16-18 lug nuts and one left hand 9/16-18 lug nut that I had for my ‘37 President.  The parts book shows the same numbers (174969 and 174970) for ‘35 Commanders


Years ago, when I was restoring my President, I bought a six foot length of 7/8 hex stock with the intention of making my own lug nuts.  I also bought a left hand 9/16-18 tap.  If you still need ‘em, I can make ‘em.  It really wouldn’t be difficult in the lathe.  Just put the stock in the lathe, drill it, tap it, cut the angle, relieve the threads, part off to length, start the next one.





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You would have to modify the taper on these nuts but that would be easily done by using a 9/16" bolt cutting the head and unthreaded part off and locking two nuts together and chuck them in a lathe.  

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