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A big THANK YOU!!!


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I want to personally thank the officers, staff, and regions of the AACA for a wonderful job this year.  They have done a remarkable job dealing with the pandemic.  It was a hard year on all of us but they worked tirelessly for us.  Many car shows and tours had to be cancelled because of the Virus, but they kept up, working with regions and chapters to try and make something happen for us.  The Grand Nationals trials and tribulations would have been enough to make even the strongest of us to fall under all the pressure and changes that had to be made.  But they succeeded in pulling it off!  Hershey flea market was cancelled, and all of our hearts sank, and they still tried to pull off a National car show, but virus restrictions were too much to handle at Hershey, so it had to be cancelled also.  But they continued to work and a National show was scheduled at Gettysburg in November in less than a month!!!  I am grateful that they worked so hard to pull it off as I would probably have never taken my car to a show (can't haul a car and a travel trailer to Hershey at the same time).  The rewards for me was a National First place award for my car, so Thank You to all those that worked so hard to bring the membership something good out of this pandemic year.


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Dittos!   It's taken a lot of work and a lot of really dedicated people to keep up with the ever-changing re-scheduling of activities.  Many spur-of-the-moment decisions needed to be made along the way, and our leadership has in every case risen to the occasion and made the right choice for the club. 


Through it all, there was that beautiful new HQ and Library building.  Susan and I had the pleasure of seeing it when we were there for our December National Awards Committee meeting to help select recipients of our annual awards.  Those will of course now be presented in April as things continue to evolve. 


When we first approached the new building, it was late evening, and it was raining.  There it was - perched proudly on a slight hill right on a corner of the site of the Hershey flea market, and at the edge of the car-show site.  Seeing it in the mist of the evening, fully lit, with a large sign proclaiming it the home of the AACA, a feeling of immense pride overwhelmed us.  


So, though all of the problems facing us this year, something very special has become a reality.  I hope that everyone attending the Hershey fall meet his coming October will pause and reflect on what has been accomplished there-in spite of all the difficulties we've encountered.  


I hope every member is equally as proud as we are, and takes the opportunity to thank those involved, and contribute to its success, and the continued success of the club.  Stay with us folks, there is a great future ahead.


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